A list of the anthems sung at Sunday services by the choir of St. Mary's Church, Osterley, Middx from January 2000 until the end of 2007.

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Composer, arrangerAnthem title (with no punctuation to aid searching)Times sung
Schutte, D. arr. Langford, G.Here I am Lord (I the lord of sea and sky)11
Evans, D. arr. How, M.Be still for the presence of the Lord10
How, M.Day by Day (Prayer of St. Richard of Chichester)9
Rutter, J.A Gaelic Blessing / Deep peace of the 7
Shephard, R.And didst thou travel light dear Lord7
Nystrom, M. arr. LlewellynAs the deer pants for the water7
Davies, H. W.Blessed are the pure in heart7
Carter J.Christ is risen as he said7
Barnard, J.He is Lord7
Lole, S.I am the Bread of life7
Rutter, J.I will sing with the Spirit7
Grieg, E.Lo God is here!7
Nicholson, S.H.Love divine all loves excelling7
Bell, J.Take this moment7
Wilby, P.God be in my head6
Lloyd, R.God the Father sends his angel6
Schubert, F.Holy Holy Holy6
Hawes, N.Lord be thy word my rule6
How, M.Advent Message5
Shaw, M.A Blessing / Go forth into the world in peace5
arr. LlewellynA touching place (Christs is the world in which)5
Wilson, D. arr. Mayor, R.All authority and power5
Anon.Brother James' Air / The Lord's my shepherd5
arr. LlewellynFather God in heaven5
Rutter, J.For the beauty of the earth5
Davies, H. W.Hark the glad sound5
Martin, G.C., arr. Hawes, N.Lord enthroned in heavenly spendour5
J. Gelineau, ed. Hawes, N.Psalm 122 - I rejoiced when I hear them say5
Kendrick, G. arr Hawes, N.The Servant King (From heaven you came)5
Hawes, N.When I survey the wondrous cross5
Tredinnick, N.With loving hands5
Watson, J. T.Break Thou the bread of life4
Friedell, H.Draw us in the Spirit's tether4
Mawby, C.God made us / Psalm 1004
Aston, P.Hosanna to the Son of David4
Kilpatrick, B. arr. LlewellynIn my life Lord4
Elgar, E.Jesu Word of God Incarnate (Ave Verum)4
Rutter, J.Look at the world4
Palmer, PeggyNone other Lamb4
M. RizzaPrayer for Peace (Lead me from death to life)4
Mold, S.Psalm 51 Create in me a clean heart4
Mendelssohn. F.Sleepers wake!4
Shephard, R.The Easter Song of Praise / Sing choirs of heaven4
Gardiner W., arr. Hawes, N.We have a Gospel4
Sumsion, H.You shall receive power4
Wilson, D., arr. Barnard, J.A song was heard at Christmas3
Coleman, B. arr. Barnard, J.As water to the thirsty3
Smith, I arr. Ley, H.Be Thou my guardian and my guide3
Pearsall, R.L. deBlessed Word of God Incarnate3
Darke, H.Christ whose glory fills the skies3
Croft, W.God is gone up with a merry noise3
Stainer, J.God so loved the world3
Ouseley, F.A.G.Is it nothing to you3
Wilson, D., arr Hawes, N.Jesu lover of my soul3
Tye, C.Lord for thy tender mercies' sake3
Stanford, C.V.O for a closer walk with God3
Hawes, N.Our blest Redeemer3
Baker, Marilyn, arr Hawes, N.Rest in my love3
Hawes, N.Ride on, ride on in majesty3
Edwards, P.Small wonder the star3
Shephard, R.Song of Mary (Magnificat)3
arr. Barnard, J.Spirit of holiness3
arr. Pettman, E.The Angel Gabriel from heaven came (Gabriels message)3
Rutter, J.The Lord bless you and keep you3
Smith, T. arr. Lloyd, R.Theres a quiet understanding3
Attwood, T.Turn thy face from my sins3
Richards, arr. Millington, A.All heaven declares2
Rutter, J.All things bright and beautiful2
Wesley, S.S., arr. Hawes, N.Brightest and best of the sons of the morning2
Harris, W.H.Come down O Love Divine2
Warlock, P. arr Murray G.Come to Bethlehem2
Rutter, J.Eternal God we give you thanks for music2
Rutter, J.God be in my head2
Lloyd, R.Grant to your servants O God2
White, P.Had he not loved us2
Gibbons, O., arr. Hawes, N.Hosanna to the son - 5-part SSATB2
Bach, J. S.Jesu Joy of Man's desiring2
Mozart, W. A.Jesu word of God incarnate2
Rutter, J.Joy to the world2
Bach, J.S. arr. Harris, W.H.King of Glory King of Peace2
arr. LlewellynLet us break bread together2
Kendrick, G.Like a candle flame2
Rutter, J.Love came down at Christmas2
Stanford, C.V.Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in C2
Walmisley, T. A.Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in D minor2
Bach, J.S.O Lord who dares to smite thee2
Goss, J.O Saviour of the World2
Rawsthorne, N.Psalm 54 - Hear my prayer O God2
Wilson, D.Psalm 84 - O Lord God of hosts2
Archer, M.Rejoice the Lord is King2
Vulpius, M., arr. Ley, H.G.The Strife is O'er2
Brett, U.To Bethlehem (Star over Bethlehem)2
Bellis, A.A star shone brightly1
Goldschmidt, O.A tender shoot1
Statham, H.Be glad and rejoice1
Pitoni, G. O.Cantate Domino1
Hawes, N.Christ upon the mountain peak1
Attwood, T.Come Holy Ghost our souls inspire1
Brockless, G.F, arr. Hawes, N.Cradled in a manger1
Gounod, C., arr. Hawes N.Cradled so lowly (Bethlehem)1
arr. Barnard, J.Gabriel the angel came (Angelus ad virginem)1
Bullock, E.Give us the wings of faith1
Wilson, D., arr. Hawes, N.God has been gracious1
Nicolai, P., arr. Mendelssohn, F.How brightly gleams the morning star1
Elvey, G.J.I was glad when they said unto me1
arr. Hawes, N.I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills1
Getty, KeithIn Christ alone1
Bairstow, E.C.Jesu the very thought of thee1
Handel, G.F.Joy to the world1
Weelkes, TLet thy merciful ears O Lord1
Weelkes, TLet thy merciful ears O Lord1
Williams, R. V.Let us now praise famous men1
Edwards, P.Lift your heart and raise your voice1
Hurford, P.Litany to the Holy Spirit1
Handel, G.F.Lord I trust thee1
Gritton, E.Lord that descendedst Holy Child1
Stanford, C.V.Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in C1
Hawes, N.Millennium Hymn1
Hawes, N.My God, how wonderful thou art1
Rutter, J.Nativity Carol (Born in a stable so bare)1
Wood, C.Never weather-beaten sail1
Mudd, T.O God who has prepared1
Loosemore, H.O Lord increase our faith1
Harwood, B.O sacred banquet1
Goss, J.O Saviour of the World1
Batten, A., ed. Hawes, N.O sing joyfully1
Vaughan Williams, R.On Christmas night (Sussex Carol)1
Faure, G.Pie Jesu1
H. StephensPsalm 145 I will exalt you1
Stanford, C.V.Psalm 150 O praise God in his holiness1
Warren, N.Psalm 43 - O put your trust in God1
Wright, A.Psalm 88/89 (I will sing of your love O Lord)1
arr. Hawes, N.Rejoice with heart and voice1
Stephens, H.Sing to God new songs of worship1
Parmley, A., arr. Hawes, N.Someone's going to change my world1
Hawes, N.Spring has come for us today1
Stanford, C.V.Te Deum in B flat - We praise Thee O God1
Attwood, T.Teach me O Lord the way of thy statutes1
Hawes, N.The Message (A message came to a maiden young)1
Healey, D.The Shepherd Boy's song (He that is down need fear no fall)1
arr. Barnard, J.There's a Saviour to see1
arr. Barnard, J.When the angel came to Mary1
Stanford, C.V.Ye choirs of new Jerusalem1
Card, M. arr. Hawes, N.You are the light of the world1

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